We have a buyer for your home, want an offer?

We have 547 families looking to buy a home in Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, and Superior.
  • How to sell your home with no repairs...
  • Why "zero commission" is the best way to sell...
  • Why "no showings" is the future of real estate, in 2020

Sell at Full Market Value, no 6%.

The easiest way to sell your home

Selling your home doesn't need to be a headache- thanks to predictive data and AI.

No Commission

If a family wants to buy your home, before you go on the open market, why would you pay a commission?

100% Free-No Risk

You own the asset, you have worked hard to improve it, why should you pay to sell it?

Paperwork by Legal Professionals

A local attorney will handle the closing, and the paperwork.

Full Support for 
entire process

All your questions are handled safety, just a call away.

The buyer pays the fees, the way it should be..

How Clever Seller Works

Step 1

Tell us you are ready for a offer.

We only reach out to homes that fit the exact critera of what the families we are working with, so we do have a buyer.

Step 2

Get a offer, from a family.

Selling direct to a family, is the best way to make the most amount of money, from your biggest asset. 

Step 3

Pick a closing date.

Line up the date that works best for YOUR family, and avoid double-moves, and double mortgages. 

Step 4

Get your $$

After all the terms, and closing dates, all left is a closing, which is handled by professionals, paid for by the buyer. 

Can you save with Clever Seller?

How the average Seller saves around $40,000..

Direct Sale to a Family

Traditional Home Sale

Market Value:       $600,000 
Sale Price: $600,000
Zero Commission: $0
As-Is No Repairs:  $0
Net to Seller: $600,000

Market Value: $600,000
Sale Price: $595,000
6% Commission: -$35,700
Prep for Market: -5,000
Net to Seller: $554,300

So who is Clever Seller?

Clever Seller is a predictive data company, that uses big data, artificial intelligence, to determine what homeowners will be selling in next 90-180 days, then connects those with families searching for dream home, allowing them to buy directly from homeowners, that have NOT listed on the open market.

The buyer pays us to locate homeowners, to find their dream home, the way it should be..

Do you have questions?

How does Clever Seller make money?
Homebuyer pays us: They want to find their perfect home and are willing to pay for it.
Is there any cost to get a offer from a family?
Nope, nothing, nada.. We are a data company, not a real estate brokerage.
“But it sounds too good to be true.”
What do you have to lose: Homes only sell when a homebuyer and homeowner agree on a sale, price and terms, this just makes the process easier
​Consider the buyer: They just want to make SURE they know about EVERY home that coming on the market while they are looking, and this method does that.

Do you have MORE questions?

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