Time to sell your home?
With No Showings, No Repairs, NO Hassle. 

Ready to move?

Skip the hard parts
  • Skip the showings...and Open Houses.
  • Get every "detail" of how the process works.
  • Ready to close in as little as 48 hours; the average is 7 days.
  • Ready for HELP,  NOT a pushy salesperson!
  • Ready to Bypass the market.
  • Want to Streamline the sale?
Has to be WIN-WIN, or no deal!
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The easiest way to sell your home,
in days, not months. 

Our team will capitalize on our experience in the market to quickly analyze whether your property may enhance our portfolio. 
We’ll deliver our honest assessment and discuss whether our offer is right for you. 
We have flexible options to close the sale on your timeline – you set the pace. We can close in five days or five weeks, for example –
 your needs drive the timeline.
Our straightforward offer-to-closing process stems from a goal: simplify an otherwise difficult process for you, 
no matter the property condition or personal situation.

No Commission

If someone wants to buy your home, before you go on the open market, why would you pay a commission?

100% Free-No Risk

You own the asset, you have worked hard to improve it, why should you pay to sell it?

Paperwork by Legal Professionals

Largest Title company in Colorado will handle the sale, founded in 1967.

Full Support for 
entire process

All your questions are handled safety, just a call away.

We are the buyer, and we pay all fees, the way it should be..

How Clever Seller Works

Step 1

Tell us you are ready for a offer.

We only reach out to homes that fit the exact critera of what the families we are working with, so we do have a buyer.

Step 2

Get a offer, close in days

Selling direct to us, is the best way to make the most amount of money, from your biggest asset. 

Step 3

Pick a closing date.

Line up the date that works best for YOUR family, and avoid double-moves, and double mortgages. 

Step 4

Close and Move, stress free.

After all the terms, and closing dates, all left is a closing, which is handled by professionals, paid for by the buyer. 

How we calculate our offer..

We are not some automated internet no name "low baller", or someone who just bought a course on "flipping homes".

Determine what Homes like your are selling for

We carefully review homes similar to yours, in your neighborhood. This is the starting point .

Deduct Repair Cost

We go though the repair/remodel cost line by line, so we are on the same page. Those are then factored into the price we pay.

No Commission/ No Close

 No hidden fees, or cost, or surprises. YOU keep more!

Make the move easy, so you can close on day of your choice.

Everything is discussed and factored in. We don't play games!

Make the easy move..

How do we determine repair cost?

When we visit the home, we go over the improvements, and the repairs the home needs.

Once everyone is on the same page, those expenses will be factored into the buying formula to determine a fair offer.

With CleverSeller, you never pay a penny for repairs or improvements.

Why selling your home to CleverSeller is easy.

Is there any cost to get a offer from a family?
Nope, nothing, nada.. We are a data company, that buys homes.. Nothing more. 
No Money out of pocket..
We cover all repairs, fees, and closing cost.. YOU pay no one penny out of your pocket!
No Risk or Obligation.
You get time to decided if our offer makes sense. No Pressure EVER!
No Waiting Weeks or Months for a sale!
With a normal home sale, you go though showing, after showing, after showing, and then wait for a offer. With Clever Seller you get an offer in hours, not weeks. 
Ho Haggling, or run around!
We at CleverSeller make our best offer upfront, and stop all the crazy back and forth. 
“But it sounds too good to be true.”
What do you have to lose: We are in the business of PAYING the highest price possible for homes.

Make the easy move..

Again, who is Clever Seller?

Maybe this will help.. We are a data company that buys homes. Our goal is to make it easier to sell your home, on a timeline that works for YOU.. 

We are in the business to be a service to homeowners, and the ONLY way we accomplish this is by making moving SO fair, and win-win you would be crazy NOT to accept it! 

Join thousands of happy sellers, who moved with Clever Seller.

The easy move you can take to the bank..

Clever Seller is a real estate investment firm focused on delivering solutions to property owners looking to sell. We’re problem-solvers and straight-shooters with the ability to quickly buy your property for a fair price.
We love calling Denver home and pride ourselves on elevating each and every neighborhood we touch. In practice, this means strategically improving every property we buy – and in turn, increasing property values in your neighborhood as we go. 
We invest in Denver’s future through a three-pronged model. We only select properties that are a good fit for one of the following categories:

Rental Homes

When market research shows a home will perform well as a rental, we hold the home and pursue improvements that tenants enjoy.

Renovate and Sell

We have a strong history of purchasing homes, making smart renovations and then selling our beautiful homes to happy buyers

New Costruction

If it makes sense to remove a home and build new, we have a hand in revitalizing neighborhoods.

Easy move Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What types of homes fit the easy move program?

A. Single-family homes built after 1960 between $50,000 – $650,000. Additionally, they must be homes that are owner-occupied or vacant, 
non-distressed, not bank-owned, and not in or near flood zones. 

Q. How does the easy move process work?

A. Once you submit your home for the Easy move, our team will verify if your home meets the program parameters. If your home meets the requirements, a Easy Move will be extended contingent upon an inspection. Finally, you have the opportunity to close in as little as 21 days upon accepting the offer.

Q. What type of offer will I receive on my home through the easy move program?

A. Easy Move from Clever Seller is the most competitive offer in the industry. Clever Seller is dedicated to helping our clients sell fast and reach their real estate goals. A easy move makes selling your home easy!

Q. How quickly will Clever Seller give me a easy move number?

A. Our team can oftentimes present an offer to our clients in as little as 48 hours after your in-home consolation!

Q. Will I receive a fair offer?

A. Clever Seller Easy move program keeps our clients in control. Depending on your home, you may qualify for multiple offers to allow you to decide which offer best helps you reach your real estate goals.

Q. What is the benefit of working with Clever Seller to sell my home?

A. Clever Seller team has bought and sold over 3,000 homes in the past 25 years. Get a Easy move Offer and work with the most trusted and #1 team in real estate so you can close with confidence!

Q. Can I still sell my home if it does not meet the program parameters?

A. Absolutely! If your home is submitted to our easy move program and does not meet the parameters, we can pair you with one of our Exclusive Listing Agents to sell your home with our on-market and off-market strategies designed to make selling your home as easy, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. Whether you prioritize time, convenience, or profit potential, we’ve got you covered! To learn more about our Market Listing Program, fill out the request for a offer.
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